Sunday, September 11, 2011

Should we kill off chivalry???

I have been engaged in several conversations of late regarding male-female interactions - specifically in regards to the issue of chivalry. Invariably, the topic always comes up if you're single and dating, but I have also had some interesting insights shared by married friends as well.

So, in my desire to make this blog more interactive and more interesting, I would like to pose some questions to my readship (am I allowed to use that term for such a small following, lol?) These questions are:

(1) Is chivalry relevant anymore? and
(2) What role does chivalry play in our relationships with men, dating and in general?

PLEASE, do share your thoughts, reflections, and ideas... there is no right answer! lol.

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Scrollwork said...

Call in the cavalry, save chivalry!

When I'm socializing with little boys (30ish), I don't expect them to have been "raised right," but I still find myself tsk-tsking that they don't do the nice things—open a door, pull out a chair, offer their seat on the bus to a woman.

When my husband (late 50s) and I are out, I am pleased when he remembers to open a door (even if I have to stand before a closed door waiting for him to get a clue). He wasn't "raised right," either, but that wasn't from a generational gap, that was from a mother who wasn't of genteel stock, shall we stay.

Why is chivalry relevant to me? It's part of my culture, I guess. At least the culture I like to put on a pedestal and on which I project all manner of noble traits. It may not be the same culture that Filipinos in succeeding generations have conjured up to fit their needs.

You raised a good question. What's YOUR opinion on this?